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Management Team

Mr. WANG Jiancheng

Director,Party secretary the Communist Party of CAHG

Mr. WANG Jiancheng,born in 1963,graduated from Agricultural College of 
Jiangsu (Now become a part of Yangzhou University) with his Bachelor's degree
 in Veterinary and gained the EMBA degree from Tsinghua University. 

Mr. XUE Tingwu

Director,President of CAHG,Deputy Party Secretary of the Communist Party of CAHG
Mr. XUE Tingwu,born in 1962,graduated from Nanjing Agricultural University 
with his Bachelor's degree in Veterinary and obtained his EMBA from University 
of International Business and Economics.He also holds a Senior Veterinary
Officer Certificate.

Mr. GAO Qizhi

Vice-President,Deputy Party Secretary of the Communist Party of CAHG
Mr.GAO Qizhi,born in 1962,graduated from China Agricultural University with his 
Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Machinery and gained his Social Science of Bachelor of Laws, 
Tsinghua University.

Ms. DING Changqin

Chief Accountant
Ms. DING Changqin,born in 1964,graduated from Chinese Academy of Forestry with her
Master's Degree in Finance and Economics and obtained her doctoral degree in
 Management Science and Engineering from University of Science and Technology of China.

Mr. TONG Zhongheng

Director and Chief Accountant
Mr. Tong graduated from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics and received his Bachelor's 
Degree in Economics and the title of Assistant accountant. He used to work as the Chief Accountant
and Vice-general Manager of CNFC OVERSEAS FISHERY CO., LTD (CNFC) and the Representative of
CNFC in the North American branch office. He currently works as the Director and Chief Accountant 

Mr.LI Fengquan

Secretary of the Communist Party Internal Discipline Department
Political worker, graduated from veterinary major of Yanbian University's School of Agriculture.
He worked as the director of discipline inspection and supervision office,vice secretary of discipline 
inspection commission of China Nongken Group,secretary of discipline inspection commission of
Shandan Horse Ranch.Currently he works as Secretary of discipline inspection commission of CAHG.

Ms.YANG Junhong

Deputy General Manager
Livestock engineer, graduated from  Beijing University Of Agriculture, majored in animal husbandry. 
She worked as the Human Resources Manager of China Animal Husbandry Industry o., Ltd; 
She also worked as Deputy General Economic Manager, General Manager of HR Department,
Director-General of the Organization Department of the Party Committee, 
Director of Party Work Department of China Animal Husbandry Group .
Currently she has worked as the Deputy General Manager of CAHG.

Mr.YANG Qingchun

Deputy General Manager
Veterinarian, graduated from animal pharmacy specialty, China Agricultural University. 
He worked as Deputy General Manager of trading branch of CAHG; 
Deputy General Veterinarian of CAHG,General Manager of Animal Health Department,
General Manager of Technical and Marketing Department.
Currently he has worked as the Deputy General Manager of CAHG.