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 CAHG,a company with 36 years international trading experience, is the pioneer of animal husbandry international collaboration, with a comprehensive range of business scopes, including of animal breeding, veterinary medicine, feeds, feed additives, milk powder, whey powder, pet food, animal-source products, chemical raw materials, equipments, etc. CAHG has partners over 80 countries/regions, and imports around 300 kinds of products all over the world. CAHG exports around 50 kinds of products, some of which have been registered in several countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. Additionally, CAHG has entered into agent/ cooperative agreements with companies from over 30 countries/regions, including of those from Russia, Pakistan, Egypt, and so on. CAHG has build good partnership with over one hundred oversea livestock and poultry breeding companies. CAHG is the largest import veterinary biological distributor in China, with 91% market share of imported veterinary biological in China. CAHG is also the largest Chinese livestock and poultry breeding importer, taking up half market share of China’s swine breeding and poultry breeding importation industry. CAHG is the first company to be engaged in importation of fish meal, methionine, lysine and other feed raw materials and the first company to import pasture grass seed in China. Now, CAHG is fourth diary product importer in China. CAHG owns a numerous of resources in the upper chain of international trading business in animal husbandry. 

  CAHG will aim to become a trading and industrial entity, and strengthen international cooperation by fully implementing "going out" policy. Under such strategy, CAHG will launch its business in key oversea regions, which will link oversea and domestic business to promote mutual development. Under such strategy, CAHG will gradually fulfill its global strategy, operation, management and cultural vision and put itself in a leading position as a model company which successfully implements government "going out" policy.