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China Animal Husbandry Group

China Animal Husbandry Group (“CAHG”) is a state-owned enterprise engaged in modern agricultural and animal farming Industry with a comprehensive range of business, composed of manufacturing and operations, trading and customer services, research and development, and financing management.

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CAHG breeding stock

We adhere to the development concept of improved breeding and select excellent breeds of livestock and poultry from all over the world. Our presence is present in every major livestock production region in the world.

CAHG feed

We uphold the concept that feed safety is food safety, starting from the forefront of the food industry, strictly control quality, and strive to create a safe and reliable feed raw material supply chain.

CAHG Dairy

We optimize global milk sources, build a leading global dairy production base, and create a complete, safe, and traceable dairy industry chain from grass to milk cups, allowing the public to enjoy nutrition and health.


We strictly select healthy pastures, monitor the entire process from the origin to the dining table, and do not miss every step to ensure product quality traceability.

CAHG Bee Industry

We, in strong collaboration with national bee industry research institutions, integrate the power of nature and technology to assist consumers in pursuing a healthy life.

Pet products

We, caring for every family member, use advanced concepts and technology to ensure that our loyal partners spend a healthy and happy life.

CAHG Logistics

We, supported by big data, intelligence, and platformization technologies, aim to create a modern and efficient logistics system for animal husbandry that radiates globally.





The Group actively promoted the business combination of biology, feed and feed additives, bulk raw materials and other businesses oriented to the global market, and made great contributions to the upgrading of China's animal husbandry industry and disease prevention and control. Epidemics, suitable for the needs of the public.

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